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  • 2021 Legislative Committee resolutions
  • 2020 Legislative Committee resolutions
  • 2018 Legislative Committee resolutions 
  • 2017 Legislative Committee resolutions 
  • 2016 Legislative Committee resolutions 
  • 2015 Legislative Committee resolutions 
  • 2014 Legislative Committee resolutions 
  • 2013 Legislative Committee resolutions 
  • 2012 Legislative Committee resolutions

The Legislative Committee is a standing committee of the Senate and Academic Council and is chaired by the Chair of the Academic Board.

Roles and responsibilities

The role of the Legislative Committee is to consider all proposals relating to the University's internal legislation including by-laws, statutes, regulations, rules and school governance documents, and has authority to approve or endorse these on behalf of Academic Council.

A standing drafting sub-committee has a role to undertake detailed consideration and amendment, if necessary, of the wording of internal legislation.

The role of the Legislative Committee is established by its constitution.

Meeting dates

The Committee's business is generally dealt with by circular, or the Committee will meet when the business requires discussion.

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