The Boards of Studies are standing committees of the University Curriculum Committee.



Board of Studies forChairExecutive OfficerMeeting Minutes
Design and Creative ArtsDr Andrew FooteMs Gabi ReayAvailable online
Life, Health and Natural SciencesProfessor Elizabeth QuailMs Kath Williams (Interim)Available online
Mathematical and Physical SciencesProfessor Zachary AmanMs Carol BrettAvailable online
Management and CommerceDr Andrew WilliamsMs Sally JacksonAvailable online
Society and Culture Associate Professor Kati TonkinMs Jessica StubbsAvailable online
UWA CollegeAssociate Professor Daniela Ulgiati Ms Carol Brett (Interim)Available online
Joint Boards of Studies Student Matters Rotated by the foregoing Mr Paul Lloyd/Ms Kath WilliamsNot Applicable

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Design and Creative Arts
[email protected]
Life, Health and Natural Sciences
[email protected]
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
[email protected]
Management and Commerce
[email protected]
Society and Culture
[email protected]
Student Matters
[email protected]
UWA College
[email protected]

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