Executive Officer: Ms Sandra de Freitas

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Coursework Scholarships Committee

This committee operates in accordance with the UWA Principles for the Operation of Committee and UWA Rules for the operation of committees. Members must act in accordance with the University Committee Members' Code of Conduct.

Position of the Committee within the University of Western Australia

1. The Coursework Scholarships Committee is a standing committee of the University Education Committee.


2. The role of the Coursework Scholarships Committee is to—

a) advise and submit recommendations to the Academic Board via the University Education Committee on policy matters relating to the establishment and administration of Coursework Scholarships awards;

b) recommend to the University Executive or body, where appropriate, funding and budget strategies pertaining to coursework scholarships;

c) monitor academic standards for the award of coursework scholarships and ensure that all awards are allocated in accordance with University legislation and policy and the principles of equity and open competition;

d) deal exclusively with all matters relating to the award of coursework scholarships within the Deed of Gift of the University and awards funded by Government and other external agencies;

e) on behalf of Academic Board, approve the establishment of coursework scholarships that are not restricted to students enrolled in a course offered by an individual school and are in accordance with University legislation and policy;

f) on behalf of Academic Board, oversee the establishment of all coursework scholarships having regard to University legislation and policy;

g) ensure that proposed new or amended coursework scholarship conditions are accurate, clear, consistent with other University legislation and policy and in accordance with any established standard wording and drafting principles; and

h) recommend to the Academic Board via the University Education Committee or school/s, as appropriate, any necessary action to ensure that appropriate standards and policies relating to any of the above are maintained.


3.(1) The committee comprises:

(a) the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) as Chair;

(b) nominee of the Chair of the Academic Board

(c) Associate Director, Admissions;

(d) Associate Director, Future Students;

(e) Associate Director, Service and Engagement;

(f) Associate Director, Development or nominee;

(g) the Guild President or nominee;

(h) two staff members nominated and elected by the Academic Board; and

(i) up to four co-opted members if required for balance or specific experience.

(2) The Chair may appoint a Deputy Chair from amongst its members.

Terms of office

4.(1) The term of office of members appointed under 3(1)(i)  is three years.

(2) The term of office of members co-opted under 3(1)(j) is two years.

(3) At the end of a term of office, members appointed under 3(1)(i) are eligible to be elected for a second term only.

(4) At the end of a term of office, members appointed under 3(1)(j) are eligible to be co-opted again.


5. The quorum for the committee is half the number of members plus one.


6.(1) All questions which come before the committee are decided by a majority of the members present and voting.

(2) The chair of the meeting has an ordinary vote and a casting vote.

Delegation to Chair

7.(1) The Chair has delegated authority to approve the establishment of coursework scholarships described in 2(e) where these are for coursework courses and the proposed conditions principally comprising standard clauses.

(2) The Manager, Coursework Scholarships has authority to deal executively with matters referred to in 2(d) where these pertain to coursework scholarships, are routine in nature and are in accordance with University legislation and policy and any specific scholarship regulations or conditions.

(3) (a) The Chair has delegated authority to undertake any ranking exercise with regard to the award of coursework scholarships referred to in 2(d) via a Coursework Scholarships Ranking Sub-Committee comprising not more than four other members drawn from cross-section of the membership of the Coursework Scholarships Committee.

(b) The Coursework Scholarships Ranking Sub-Committee, chaired by the Chair or the Deputy Chair of the Coursework Scholarships Committee, has the delegated authority to determine and approve any rankings for the award of any coursework scholarship, subject to final ratification by the Coursework Scholarships Committee. 

Frequency of meetings

8. The committee meets as and when required.

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