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Academic Secretary

Constitution of the Academic Board Executive Committee

This committee operates in accordance with the Principles and Rules for the Operation of Committees. Members must act in accordance with the University Committee Members' Code of Conduct.


Position of the Committee within the University of Western Australia

1. The Academic Board Executive Committee is a committee of the Academic Board.


2. The role of the Academic Board Executive Committee is to consider and decide on urgent and emergent matters arising when the Academic Board and Academic Council are in recess. 

3. All decisions of the Academic Board Executive Committee are to be transmitted to the Academic Board at its first meeting in the year for noting. 

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4.(1) The Academic Board Executive Committee comprises:

(a) the Chair of the Academic Board, as Chair;

(b) the Deputy Chair of the Academic Board

(c) the Associate Chair of the Academic Board;

(d) the Academic Secretary;

(e) five members appointed by and from the Academic Board;

(f) the President of the Guild of Undergraduates, or nominee.


5. The quorum for the Executive Committee is all members present. 


6. (1) Each member has a vote

(2) The Chair has an ordinary vote and a casting vote.

(3) All matters which come before the Executive Committee are decided by a majority of the members present and voting. 

Frequency of meetings

7. The Executive Committee meets as and when required from December to February.

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