Statute No. 1: The Senate

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The University's statutes and regulations are currently under review. More information can be found on the University's legislative review here.

Statute No. 1: The Senate

1.(1) The Senate must schedule at least six ordinary meetings each year, the dates for which must be determined in the previous year.

(2) The Senate has power to adjourn a meeting to a date that is before the next scheduled meeting date.

(3) If the Chancellor is satisfied that there is insufficient business for an ordinary meeting of the Senate, the meeting may be cancelled.

(4) At least five days' notice of cancellation of a meeting must be given.

2. The Chancellor or, in the absence of the Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor, has power to call a special meeting of the Senate to consider business which either may wish to submit.

3. If four or more members of the Senate submit a written request for a meeting of the Senate, including information about the proposed purpose of the meeting, the Chancellor or Pro-Chancellor, or, in their absence, the Registrar, must convene a special meeting of the Senate within 14 days after the receipt of the request.

4.(1) The Registrar must provide each member of the Senate with a notice of all matters to be considered at the next meeting, whether ordinary or special.

(2) The notice must be delivered or transmitted at least five days before the day of meeting, except in a case of special urgency, when two days' notice shall suffice.

5. If a quorum of the Senate be not present within 15 minutes after the time appointed for a meeting, whether ordinary or special, all business which should have been transacted at the meeting must be either deferred until the next ordinary meeting, at which it must take precedence, or be dealt with by circulation in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Senate.

6. The proceedings of all Senate meetings must be minuted and the minutes retained.

7. The minutes of each meeting of the Senate must be circulated to members within a reasonable period following the meeting and confirmed or amended by resolution of the Senate at the following meeting.

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