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The constitution of the Chancellor's Reference Group.



1. The role of the Chancellor's Reference Group is to advise the Chancellor, as required, on—

(a) the process to be used for filling the position of Vice-Chancellor when the incumbent's contract expires;

(b) the establishment of performance indicators for the position of Vice-Chancellor;

(c) the initial remuneration package of the Vice-Chancellor and subsequent adjustments;

(d) the process for reviewing the Vice-Chancellor's performance against the agreed indicators;

(e) the process for providing guidance and support to the Vice-Chancellor; and

(f) any other matters relating to the position of Vice-Chancellor referred to it by the Chancellor.


2. The Group comprises: 

(a) the Chancellor, in the Chair;

(b) the Pro-Chancellor; and

(c) the Chair of the Strategic Resources Committee.

Frequency of meetings

3. The Group meets as required by the Chancellor.

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