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The Senate has a number of boards and committees covering all areas of its responsibilities.

The Senate is the University's governing body, empowered with the authority to make statutes, regulations and by-laws.
Audit and Risk Committee
Investigates financial matters within the University, either within an audit program which it determines or as directed by the Senate.
Board of Discipline
Covering student misconduct and the University's authority to deal with allegations of misconduct.
Chancellor's Committee
Coordinates planning of programs of the Senate and its key committees.
Honorary Degrees Committee
Makes recommendations to Senate on the award of honorary degrees and decisions on the award of Chancellor's medal.
Perth International Arts Festival Board
Responsible to the Senate for the provision of advice to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor on the operations of the Festival in order to achieve the objects of the Festival.
Strategic Resources Committee
Monitors the financial welfare of the University and reports to Senate annually.
Arnold Yeldham and Mary Raine Medical Research Foundation Research Committee
The constitution and membership of the committee.
Patrick Burselum and Mary Estelle Healy Medical Research Foundation Reserach Committee
The constitution and membership of the committee.

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