Setting up and maintaining a committee

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Make sure that the meetings you chair or participate in flow smoothly and achieve their intended aims. 

How to write a constitution or terms of reference
A well thought-out, precisely written constitution is an essential foundation for an effective committee.
The effective Chair
As the Chair of a committee, you have many responsibilities and you'll also have a number of rewards.
The effective Executive Officer
As the Executive Officer of a Committee, you have many responsibilities and also a number of rewards, which can prove very valuable.
The effective committee member
Committee members who take the time to understand the issues, and who are prepared to make considered contributions to debate can have a significant impact within the University's decision-making processes.
The effective committee: Key elements
An effective committee is not a matter of chance. It is the result of good practice in each one of the key elements which contribute to the committee's operations.
How to review committee performance
A review of performance can be very helpful in enabling a committee to be constructively critical of its own operations, and thereby to enhance its effectiveness.

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