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Make sure that the meetings you chair or participate in flow smoothly and achieve their intended aims.

Chairing: Sample meeting procedure
This is a comprehensive check list for chairing meetings.
How to prepare an agenda
A skillfully crafted agenda sent out in good time is the first vital step towards ensuring that a committee meeting is efficient and effective.
How to take and write minutes
Competent minute writing is a skill which contributes significantly to the efficiency of committees and the University as a whole.
How to prepare an extract
The purpose of an extract to an agenda or a set of minutes is to separate certain items and produce a single document for each.
How to make your minutes reader-friendly
While the main requirement of minutes is that they are accurate and succinct, it is a very welcome bonus if they are also pleasant to read.
How to prepare a chronology
A chronology is an extremely efficient tool for providing a committee with a full but succinct account of the background to an issue, and for reducing the work of Executive Officers.
How to put together an information package
An Information Package, whether presented as a simple collection of documents or as a formal Handbook, is a valuable tool in providing members with key information about a committee, and provides an ideal starting point for the committee's Induction Session.
How to design an induction session
An effective induction session not only provides information about a committee for new members, but also excites members' interest in the committee's work and encourages their full participation in it.
Basic rules of debate
Observance of the basic rules of debate in any committee will enhance its effectiveness through ensuring that discussion is orderly, that every member has the opportunity to speak and that the wishes of the majority prevail.
How to become a committee member
Some staff are interested in becoming members of committees, but find it difficult to get on to a committee to which they feel they can contribute effectively. If you're in this position, the following tips might be of help.
A brief guide to committee terminology
Here are some common terms used in committee work.

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