Guide to effective committee meetings

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The guide is a joint initiative of:

If meetings are to achieve certain outcomes, they must be run competently and efficiently.

This guide is for Chairs, Members and Executive Officers of all University decision-making bodies, including committees, boards, working parties, project teams and staff meetings.

The role of the guide is to provide practical advice in a user-friendly format on how to run and participate in effective meetings. This guide has been produced due to the key role committees have always played in the University's governance, as would be expected in an organisation which attaches great value to maintaining a strongly participative culture.

The guide links closely with, and therefore makes frequent reference to, the University's Principles for the Operation of Committees, which are now divided into three parts:

Setting up and maintaining a committee
As well as understanding the basics about creating committees, you may also need to know how to write a constitution or terms of reference, what are the key elements of an effective committee and how to review committee performance.
Preparing and running a meeting
Meetings cannot happen without preparation. This guide provides advice on chairing a meeting, how to prepare an agenda, how to become a committee member and the basic rules of debate to help you be prepared.

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