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A to Z of Committees

The constitution of the UWA Inclusion and Diversity Committee.


Please note that the Terms of Reference of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee are currently under review.

Position of the committee within The University of Western Australia

1. The Inclusion and Diversity Committee is an advisory committee to the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to equality, inclusivity, equity and diversity.


2.(1) The functions of the committee include—

(a) development of the University Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and operational plans;

(b) oversight of the University's governance and management arrangements for equality and inclusion to ensure that they are comprehensive and contemporary;

(c) review and support the implementation of the Inclusion and Diversity Strategy, including consider and initiate modifications to the University's equality and inclusion policies and procedures;

(d) support institutional compliance with all relevant equality legislation;

(e) consider, advise and act upon recommendations by faculties and services relating to equality and inclusion matters that require University wide action;

(f) foster and encourage good practice, innovation and flexibility in the delivery of the Inclusion and Diversity agenda through all University functions and activities;

(g) promote equality and inclusion and foster relations between staff / students and visitors to the campus;

(h) priority setting and the allocation of funds for major Inclusion and Diversity projects and services, assisted by reports and advice from relevant committees, working parties and/or university officers; and

(i) monitor quarterly progress against the strategic and operational Inclusion and Diversity plans, and formal annual reporting on the achievement of objectives.

(2) The Vice-Chancellor will submit (via the Chair) to each committee meeting a report on—

(a) strategic recommendations transpiring from other Vice-Chancellor Advisory Committee meetings that may pertain, directly or indirectly, to the Equality and Inclusion Strategy; and

(b) decisions that have been made following advice from the Inclusion and Diversity Committee.


3.(1) The committee comprises:

(a) the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, as Chair;

(b) the Chief Operating Officer (or nominated representative);

(c) a nominee of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education);

(d) a nominee of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Partnerships);

(e) a nominee of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research);

(f) the Dean of the School of Indigenous Studies (or nominated representative);

(g) the head of Inclusion and Diversity services, appointed by the Chair;

(h) two heads of school, appointed by the Chair (or nominated representatives);

(i) the President of the Guild of Undergraduates (or nominated representative);

(j) the President of the Postgraduate Student Association (or nominated representative);

(k) a staff union representative;

(l) one member nominated from the professional staff;

(m) one member nominated from the academic staff;

(n) up to three co-opted members as required for balance and specific expertise, including members external to the University, such as industry representatives, disability advocates etc.

(2) The Vice-Chancellor is appointed as a standing invitee to the Committee.

(3) The Chair may appoint a Deputy Chair from among the members to perform essential duties in the Chair's absence.

Terms of office

4. The term of office of members appointed or co-opted under 3(1)(k) to (n) inclusive is three years.

Eligibility for a second or subsequent term of office

5. At the end of a term of office, members appointed or co-opted under 3(1)(k) to (n) inclusive can be reappointed or co-opted for a further term.

Skills and/or qualifications of members

6. It is desirable that members appointed or co-opted under 3(1)(k) to (n) inclusive have a senior leadership role with responsibility for aspects of university business that require equality and inclusion as a strategic enabler.

Frequency of meetings

7. The Inclusion and Diversity Committee meets at least four times per annum. In accordance with UWA's Guidelines for Committees, agendas and minutes of the Committee meetings will be published on the UWA website.


8. The Inclusion and Diversity Committee may establish working parties to provide advice as required, and may also refer matters to other bodies or delegate decision making as appropriate.