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Kelly Whyte, Executive Officer

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The constitution of the Facilities Development Committee.

This committee operates in accordance with the UWA Principles for the Operation of Committees and UWA Rules for the Operation of Committees. Members must act in accordance with the University Committee Members' Code of Conduct.


Position of the committee within the University of Western Australia

1. The Facilities Development Committee is an advisory committee to the Vice-Chancellor.


2. The role of the Facilities Development Committee is to advise on—

(a) the strategic allocation of space within the University;

(b) the alignment of the Capital Works, Minor Works and Maintenance programs with the University's goals and objectives;

(c) the allocation of funds to support the University's Capital Works, Minor Works and Maintenance programs; and

(d) key decision points during development and delivery of Capital projects.


3. The committee comprises:

(a) the Vice-Chancellor;

(b) the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research);

(c) the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education);

(d) the Interim Executive Director (Finance and Campus Management);

(e) the Chair of the Academic Board, or nominee;

(f) the President of the UWA Student Guild;

(g) the Chief Finance Officer;

(h) the Chief Information Officer;

(i) the Director, Campus Management; and

(j) up to three faculty deans nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

4. The Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor is a standing invitee to meetings of the committee and is the alternate for the Vice-Chancellor in his absence.

5. The Vice-Chancellor will nominate a member of the University Executive as Chair of the Committee.

6. Invitees, such as the deans of faculties, will be invited to present and answer questions regarding proposals that they generate and sponsor, as required.

Terms of office

7. The term of office of members appointed under 3(j) is two years.

8. At the end of a term of office, members appointed under 3(j) are eligible to be reappointed for a further term.


9. The committee has an advisory role, with a simple majority rule, which should always include the Chair or their delegated representative, applying to the wording of recommendations on matters being brought before the committee.

Frequency of meetings

10. The committee normally meets at least four times a year, but may meet more frequently if necessary.

11. Matters may be addressed out of session by the Vice-Chancellor, with ratification/confirmation at the following committee meeting.

Delegated authority

12. The Vice-Chancellor delegates the allocation of budgeted Minor Works central funding (below $250k) against the agreed annual program, along with new urgent work to the Director Campus Management.

13. The Director Campus Management will advise the committee of any allocations made under paragraph 12 at the following committee meeting.


14. A map illustrating where the committee's business comes from and where its recommendations go is attached.