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    The Academic Board is a committee of the Senate and therefore, its election process has been aligned with that of the Senate. That is, it involves:

    • A call for nomination with a candidate supporting statement to be submitted to the Academic Secretary by a designated date as advised.
    • Preparation and issue of ballot papers to all members of the Board via mail (this ensures that every Academic Board member has the opportunity to vote regardless of attendance at a meeting).
    • Ballots closing at noon by a designated date as advised (voters must ensure that their ballot is received by the Academic Secretary by the published date and time).
    • Vote counting on a nominated date in the presence of scrutineers (up to one per nominee), if the nominees so wish. Names of scrutineers to be advised to the Academic Secretary ([email protected] a designated date as advised.

    The Senate election process has been tried and tested; aligning the Academic Board election process to that of the Senate optimises the preservation of integrity in the election process.

    For any queries please contact the Academic Secretary by email ([email protected]) or phone ext. 3213.

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