Academic Board and Council Induction Information

The following information is designed to provide new committee members with an understanding of the general principles for the operation of committees at the University

This information includes a guide to good practice for committee members while focusing on the structure and responsibilities of the Academic Board and Academic Council Committees and the role of members.

Principles, rules and guides for committeesThe University has established comprehensive principles, rules and guides for staff involved in committees, and as noted in its constitution, the Academic Board operates in accordance with these documents.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Academic BoardThe Academic Board is the chief academic body in the University.  The Academic Board is governed by the UWA Statute and the Regulations approved by Senate on 9 December 2019 (R63/19) (see below), which specify the Board's executive, recommendatory and advisory powers and obligations and its membership, giving it authority to delegate powers and responsibilities to its Chair, to schools or to committees.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Academic CouncilThe Academic Council is the principal executive arm of the Academic Board through which most of the Board's business is conducted.The Council's role and responsibilities are contained in its constitution.  Its membership comprises ex officio appointments, five nominees of the heads of schools and ten members elected by and from the Academic Board. The Academic Board and Council Steering Committee advises on the flow of business to the Academic Board and Council.