UWA Governance

Standing Committees of the Academic Board and the Academic Council

The University of Western Australia is governed by the University of Western Australia Act 1911. The 21-member Senate is the University's governing body, empowered with the authority to make statutes, regulations and by-laws, while the Academic Board is the chief academic body. The University has four faculties and is led by a Vice-Chancellor and an Executive.

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Academic Board

The Academic Board has two standing committees:

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the principal executive arm of the Academic Board through which most of the Board's business is conducted. 

University Appeals Committee

Considers requests from students for an appeal against the outcome of a review of academic decisions in accordance with the University Policy on the Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students.

Standing Committees of the Academic Board and the Academic Council

Academic Year Planning Committee

Responsible for recommending dates for academic years.
Board of the Graduate Research School

The Board, incorporating the Scholarships Committee, recommends on matters relating to postgraduate research, research training and supervision within the University.
University Education Committee

Advises and makes recommendations on policy and strategic matters and supports and promotes the University's education priorities.
Academic Quality and Standards Committee

monitors the University's overall compliance with the requirements of the Tertiary Education Quality ad Standards Agency.
Legislative Committee

Considers proposals relating to the University's internal legislation including by-laws, statutes, regulations, rules and school governance documents.

University Research Committee

The role of the Research Committee is to advise and make recommendations to the School and Head of School on matters relating to research and postgraduate research training and supervision. 

University Curriculum Committee

The role of the University Curriculum Committee is to make recommendations to the Academic Council on proposals submitted for the introduction of new curriculum offerings and to approve changes to curriculum.  


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