University Policy Library - Roles and Responsibilities


Staff are encouraged to contact the nominated ‘Contact Position’ detailed at the bottom of each individual University Policy where policy-specific information is required. 

For general academic policy related queries, contact the Academic Secretary, Academic Policy Services

A range of roles influence the development, review, rescission and approval of policy and procedure within the University.

Authoring Organisational Unit (AOU)

The Authoring Organisational Unit (AOU) is the section/division with subject expertise that oversees the development and review of University policy and procedure. The AOU is responsible for ensuring the following:

  • compliance with the University policy template;
  • appropriate stakeholder consultation is conducted throughout the policy development life-cycle;
  • reviewing drafts of the policy document;
  • use of appropriate language and terminology;seeking information on the practice of other university and relevant organisations to ensure best practice; and
  • seeking endorsement and/or approval from the relevant Approving Body.

The Authoring Organisational Unit should also liaise with the relevant policy Function area to consider an appropriate Implementation and Communications plan. Please refer to the information sheet relating to ‘Effective Stakeholder Engagement’ for further information.

Approving Body

The Approving Body is responsible for approving the final version of or amendments to policies. Policies can be approved by the:

  • Senate;
  • Academic Council/ Academic Board; and the
  • Vice-Chancellor or other members of the Executive to whom the Vice-Chancellor has delegated responsibility for a particular portfolio.

Function Area

An approved University policy is allocated to a ‘function area’, to enable searching by function on the University Policy Library. The function area is allocated by the University’s Information Governance Services (IGS) at the time of publishing a new policy, and is based on the attached definitions.

Academic Policy Services

Academic Policy Services (APS) manages academic-related policies that fall within the responsibility of the Education portfolio and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education). APS also has a role in the oversight of the University’s Policy Library on the Governance website. Queries regarding this website should be referred to the Director.

APS also provides a range of policy-related workshops via Organisational and Staff Development Services (OSDS).

Information Governance Services

Information Governance Services is responsible for the information management of finalised policy/procedural documents via TRIM. All University Policies must have a related TRIM file, which houses the general administration documentation of the policy, together with current and previous versions. University policies are published on the University’s Policy Library via TRIM.


Consultation with relevant stakeholders is strongly recommended throughout the development of a new policy or the review of a policy requiring major amendments. Stakeholders may be both internal and/or external to the University. Please refer to the information sheet relating to Implementation and Communication for further information.