University policy library - implementation and communication plan


Staff are encouraged to contact the nominated ‘Contact Position’ detailed at the bottom of each individual University Policy where policy-specific information is required. 

For general academic policy related queries, contact the Academic Secretary, Academic Policy Services.

Why is a communication and implementation plan necessary?

The effectiveness of a policy depends on the extent of its reach and how well it is understood and adhered to by both staff and students within the University. A communication and implementation plan is therefore necessary to help achieve these objectives.

When should a communication and implementation plan be developed?

Planning should commence early in the policy development or review process, to ensure implementation success. Defining the end goal or what success will look like is often the first step in the planning process. Implementation planning is not just about filling in a planning template or ticking boxes. Rather it is about coordinated and collaborative strategic thinking, planning and communication.

Who is responsible for developing the plan?

The Authoring Organisational Unit (AOU) is responsible for developing appropriate communication strategies and implementation processes for new policies and major revisions of existing policies. This approach complements the AOU’s responsibility to develop appropriate procedures.

What are the key elements of the communication and implementation plan?

The plan should include:

a) Statements relating to key aspects of the policy including:

  • the purpose of the policy;
  • the target audience and stakeholders;
  • measures to ensure ongoing alignment with the policy;

 b) A communication strategy identifying:

  • key stakeholders;
  • methods of dissemination and communication including targeted communication;

 c) Implementation strategy, which includes:

  • Identification of any implementation issues such as any system constraints or changes required; any additional costs/resources required to implement the policy or procedure, including any staff development requirements such as training, induction, briefings.
  • Action Steps - The actions that will address the implementation issues.
  • Responsibility - The person(s) responsible for implementing each of the action steps.
  • Timelines - The proposed timelines for completing each of the action steps to enable implementation of the policy.

 A communication and implementation plan template is available to assist in its development.