Statute No. 10: Vice-Chancellor

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Statute No. 10: Vice-Chancellor

Note: The Audit and Review Committee is now called the Audit and Risk Committee.

1. The Vice-Chancellor who is also the President of the University is the chief executive officer of the University.

2. Subject to the Acts, Statutes and regulations and to any resolutions of the Senate, the Vice-Chancellor—

(a) is specially charged with the duty of promoting the interests and furthering the development of the University;
(b) is responsible for the academic, administrative, financial and other business of the University;
(c) exercises a general supervision over the staff and students of the University.

3.(1) The Vice-Chancellor has the authority necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office.

(2) The Vice-Chancellor may, with the approval of the Senate from time to time, delegate any of the powers (except this power of delegation), duties and responsibilities of the office to another person, and that person has the authority necessary to carry out all the duties and responsibilities so delegated.

(3) The Vice-Chancellor may at any time resolve or terminate any such delegation.

4.(1) The Vice-Chancellor is ex officio a member of—

(a) every committee and board of the Senate except the Audit and Review Committee;
(b) the Academic Board and its boards and committees; and
(c) every faculty, faculty board and faculty committee.

(2) Subject to the approval of the Senate, the Vice-Chancellor may appoint a representative from time to time on any of the bodies described in sub-clause (1).

5.(1) Whenever the Vice-Chancellor is absent from duty at the University, an Acting Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor from the senior staff of the University in the following order: the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, another member of the Executive, a dean, a professor.

(2) If circumstances prevent the Vice-Chancellor from making a necessary appointment to the position of Acting Vice-Chancellor in terms of sub-clause (1), the Chancellor makes the appointment.

6. Nothing in this Statute affects the precedence or authority of the Chancellor or Pro-Chancellor.

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