Statute No. 2: Seal of the University

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Statute No. 2: Seal of the University

1. The Registrar shall have custody of the common seal of the University and is authorised to affix the seal—

(a) to certificates of degrees, diplomas or other qualifications granted or conferred by the Senate;
(b) to statutes made by the Senate;
(c) to such other classes of documents as are approved by a resolution of the Senate.

2. Except as provided in Clause 1, the seal shall not be affixed to any document unless specifically authorised by the Senate.

3. The seal whenever affixed shall be attested by the Chancellor or the Pro-Chancellor or the Vice-Chancellor.

4. The Registrar shall maintain a register in which shall be recorded for each document to which the seal is affixed particulars of the nature of the document, its date, the authority for and the name of the person attesting the affixing of the seal.