Statute No. 18: Hackett Student Fund

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Statute No. 18: Hackett Student Fund

1. Sir John Winthrop Hackett, the first Chancellor and a generous benefactor of the University, having bequeathed to the University a sum of money to support students, and his Will having been interpreted and varied by Order of the Supreme Court on 20 December 1999 to provide that—

(a) the income of part of the sum referred to as the Hackett Student Fund be used 'to provide financial assistance to deserving enrolled students of limited means by way of scholarships, bursaries, studentships, grants, loans or other financial assistance on such terms and conditions as the Senate may from time to time determine to enable such students to attend and commence, continue or complete their studies at The University of Western Australia or at any other university in Australia or elsewhere'; and
(b) the income of the remainder of the sum be used for 'bursaries and research studentships for enrolled students of the University or graduates of the University of not more than three years’ standing of limited means',

the Senate shall from time to time determine the most strategic application of the funds consistent with the provisions of the Order and shall approve regulations governing such application, provided that the regulations shall require that in any year a proportion of the income available shall be allocated to students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

2. For the purposes of the regulations governing the use of bequest funds, those funds shall collectively be known as the Hackett Student Fund.

3. The amount, period, and other terms and conditions applying to a loan, bursary, scholarship or other award made from the Student Hackett Fund shall be set out in the regulations approved by the Senate.