Statute No. 30: Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Further information

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Statute No. 30: Deputy Vice-Chancellor

1. The Senate may appoint one or more Deputy Vice-Chancellors of the University.

2. A Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for such period and on such conditions as the Senate determines.

3. Subject to the University statutes, regulations and by-laws, and resolutions of the Senate, a Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall exercise and undertake the powers, responsibilities and duties of the Vice-Chancellor from time to time delegated to him by the Vice-Chancellor.

4. Except as otherwise provided a Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall be entitled to attend and speak at any meeting of any board, committee or other body of the University of which the Vice-Chancellor is an ex-officio member, but shall not be entitled to vote at such meeting unless attending as the Vice-Chancellor's representative or as a member of the board, committee or other body.