Registration of University societies


10.1 General Regulations

10.1.1 An organisation may apply to the Guild Council for registration as a University society provided that—

(a) it is a club, society or association within or connected with the University;

(b) it has at least 20 members;

(c) it has a minimum membership fee of four dollars; and

(d) its constitution does not contain any disciplinary measures relating to non-participation in any sort of initiation ceremony.

10.1.2 Any club, society or association currently registered with the Guild Council having such a constitutional provision allowing disciplinary measures for non-participation in an initiation ceremony is deemed to be de-registered.

10.1.3 An organisation which has fewer than 20 members will not be registered with the Guild.

10.1.4 Any decision of a Guild Council meeting relating to registration of a University society may be reversed at the next ordinary general meeting.

10.1.5 The relevant subsidiary council Secretary will keep a register of all University societies which records the following:

(a) its name and objects;

(b) the name and address of the Secretary of the University society; and

(c) the names of the persons comprising its committee, council or other administrative body.

10.1.6 Every University society will, within one month of registration and annually on an on-going basis, elect in a general meeting, an executive which will include at least a President, Secretary, Treasurer, or equivalent office bearers.

10.1.7 All University societies will comply with the regulations and provisions included in the Guild Statute Book.

10.1.8 The executive officers of each University society are jointly and severally responsible for compliance by the University society with regulations and provisions included in the Guild Statute Book.

10.1.9 The Secretary of every University society (or in their absence, any person acting in the capacity of Secretary) will—

(a) provide the relevant subsidiary council Secretary with the information required to be recorded in the register of University societies before the end of the first academic semester;

(b) lodge with the relevant subsidiary council Secretary a copy of the constitution and rules of the University Society; and

(c) notify the relevant subsidiary council Secretary of any alteration made to the items described under (a) and (b) within 14 days of such alterations.

10.1.10 Subject to the Guild's Discipline Policy administered by the Governance Committee, the Guild may remove the name of a University society from the register of University societies for the following causes:

(a) persistent breaches of regulations and provisions included in the Guild Statute Book;

(b) repeated non-compliance with any resolution passed by the Guild Council, or the subsidiary council to which the relevant University society is affiliated;

(c) failure of the University society to conduct its affairs in accordance with its constitution;

(d) non-compliance with Regulation 10.1.9;

(e) conduct which brings the Guild or the society into serious disrepute;

(f) upon the written application of the University society; or

(g) contravention of the State of Western Australia or Commonwealth of Australia laws in force at the time.

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