Guild Personnel Board

21.1 Powers

21.1.1 Subject to the authority of the Guild Council and these Regulations, the Personnel Board is vested with the authority over all staff matters.

21.2 Membership

21.2.1 The Guild Personnel Board comprises:

(a) the Guild President and Senate Representative;

(b) the Guild Vice-President;

(c) the Guild General Secretary;

(d) the Chair of Guild Council;

(e) one Guild Councillor, elected by Guild Council to Personnel Board (if no member of the Guild Executive is female, then this person must be female);

(f) the Managing Director as Chair;

(g) the Director of Corporate and Student Services;

(h) the Catering Director; and

(i) the Guild Finance Officer as a non-voting member.

21.2.2 In the event that any of the positions comprising the Personnel Board do not exist, that position must be occupied by the nearest equivalent position as determined in their absolute discretion by the remaining members of the Personnel Board.

21.2.3 No person may sit as a member of the Personnel Board if their employment is being discussed by the Board.

21.3 Quorum

21.3.1 The quorum for the Board is four, two of whom must be the Guild President and the Managing Director or the Director of Corporate and Student Services.

21.4 Frequency of meetings

21.4.1 The Personnel Board meets as required.

21.4.2 Members must receive 48 hours' notice of a meeting unless all members agree to a lesser period of notice.

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21.5 General Regulations

21.5.1 Any employee of the Guild who uses their time as an employee, their position, or Guild facilities in an attempt to influence the outcome of electoral processes associated with student representation at any level of the Guild, will be summarily dismissed in accordance with the provisions set out for summary dismissal in the Staff Agreement.

21.5.2 Persons employed as casual employees of the Guild must, wherever possible, be students who—

(a) are currently enrolled at the University; and

(b) are members of the Guild who do not hold any of the elected positions on Guild Council; or

(c) have not nominated for any elected position on the Guild within the previous two years.

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