Student Loan Scheme

Further information

Guild Regulations made under Statute 20

19.1 General Regulations

19.1.1 The Guild has authority to make loans to any of the members of the Guild under the following conditions.

19.1.2 Every member of the Guild is eligible to receive a loan.

19.1.3 Loans are made by the Guild Executive Committee according to the Guild policy.

19.1.4 Loans may be granted for the payment of debts or for meeting obligations relating to lump sum payments but are not generally granted where the applicant has incurred a debt knowing it cannot be met from their own resources nor in instances where the Executive Committee, having considered all the information provided, is of the opinion that the applicant could reasonably be expected to take casual employment.

19.1.5 Guild policy relating to a ceiling limit of the fund from which student loans are accessed, amount of money loaned, period of time, provisions required relating to guarantors, and interest rates to be charged, must be fixed under Guild policy each year.