Guild Election Regulations made under Statute 20 - Eligibility to participate in the election

Guild Election Regulations made under Statute 20

Eligibility to participate in the election


612(1) Qualifications for candidates

Specific eligibility criteria for candidates in respect to each Guild position is contained in Schedule 1.

612(2) Disqualifications from candidature

(a) A person shall be disqualified from candidature if they:

(i) are an enrolled Student at UWA with suspended rights and privileges at the close of nominations;

(ii) have been previously convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment or is currently under sentence or has not been given a spent conviction;

(iii) are ineligible to hold a sought position due to any statute, regulation, by-law or rule;

(iv) are a non-voting member at the close of Electoral Rolls;

(v) are an undischarged bankrupt or has entered into a scheme of arrangement with creditors; or

(vi) are certified as mentally unfit.

(b) No person shall be elected to the office of President on more than one occasion.

(c) Unless otherwise specified in these Regulations, a person elected to any Guild office immediately becomes ineligible to be elected to any subsequent office for which the count is still to be conducted due to the order of counts prescribed in these Regulations.

(d) Any former member of the Guild Council who has had their position declared vacant due to excessive absence without apology may not contest an Election for at least one year after that vacancy was declared.

612(3) Multiple nominations

A person may nominate for more than one position at the same Election.

612(4) General qualifications for enrolment and voting

To be eligible for enrolment for the Guild Elections a person must be:

(a) an enrolled Student of the University at the close of Electoral Rolls; and

(b) not otherwise disqualified from being enrolled at the University.

612(5) Specific qualification for voting

Specific eligibility criteria for each position is shown in Schedule 1.

612(6) Voting obligations and limits

(a) Voting is voluntary. No sanctions are attached to failure to vote.

(b) Each voter may only vote once in respect of each position for which they hold entitlement.

(c) Electors must vote personally. There shall be no right of proxy vote.

(d) A person's right to vote at an Election for which the person is enrolled is not affected by any change in the person's name or by any change in residence or other qualification if the person continues to be eligible to be enrolled for the Election.

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