Guild Election Regulations made under Statute 20 - Declaration of the poll and election reporting

Guild Election Regulations made under Statute 20

Declaration of the poll and election reporting

630(1) Action where nominations for the position(s) do not exceed the vacancy(ies)

Where, at the close of nominations, the number of candidates for an Election is equal to or less than the number of vacancies to be filled at the Election, the respective candidates are declared elected subject to the candidate not being a candidate for a conflicting position higher in the hierarchy of positions, as per Schedule 1.

630(2) Failed or partly failed Elections

(a) An Election shall be declared a failed Election where no Nomination is received or a candidate for an office with a single vacancy dies after nominations have been declared.

(b) Where there are insufficient nominations for multi-member vacancies, an Election shall fail only in respect of in the vacancy or vacancies for which nominations are not received.

630(3) Validity of result

No Election shall be liable to be questioned by reason of any:

(a) defect in the title or any want of title of any person by or before whom such Election is held, if such person really acted at such Election;

(b) formal error or defect in any declaration or other instrument, or in any publication made under these Regulations or intended to be so made;

(c) publication of the declaration of the poll made under these Regulations (in accordance with regulation 613(6)) being out of time.

630(4) Public Notice

The Returning Officer shall declare the poll by providing Public Notice on the Guild notice board at the completion of counting.

630(5) Form of Public Notice

The Public Notice shall contain a signed and dated declaration of result by the Returning Officer. Full details of the count shall also be provided wherever practical. Where this is not practical, the details outlining where this information is available for public inspection shall be provided.

630(6) Election Report and statistics

(a) The Returning Officer shall lodge an Election Report with the Guild Council through its Secretary within 30 Days after the declaration of polls, or, within 30 Days following the resolution of any Disputed Returns.

(b) The Election Report shall include the details of the arrangements made for the polls, the results of the count, and the Returning Officer’s comments and recommendations for improvement, for consideration by Guild Council.

(c) The Secretary of the Guild must table the Returning Officer’s Election Report at the next ordinary Guild Council meeting following receipt of the Election Report.

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