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Technology And Telecommunications
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Policy and Planning - IT Services
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02/08/2007 Revised 07/04/2014
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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Personal Computer Security

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

The purpose of this policy is to set a minimum standard for protecting personal computers (PC) from unauthorised use.


A personal computer (PC) is taken to mean a desktop or notebook computer.

Policy statement:

A password enabled screen saver will be activated after 10 minutes of inactivity on the PC. This helps protect information that is displayed on the screen, stored on the PC hard drive, and accessed from University-wide information sources while staff are away from their PCs. This policy is intended for staff whose PCs are managed by Information Services.

1 Unattended screen

1.1 All personal computers will be configured to have a password-enabled screen saver that will be activated after 10 minutes of user inactivity. Staff will need to unlock the screen saver by entering their network password.

1.2 A Windows PC should be shut down or locked by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously, then pressing enter or by pressing the Windows logo+L keys simultaneously just before leaving the PC. This prevents a period of vulnerability between the time the user leaves and the time the screen saver is activated.

2 Data privacy

2.1 Where possible, the PC should be located such that unauthorised persons cannot easily see the information on the screen.

3 Records Management

3.1 University data should always be stored on a network drive that is backed up each night and never on the PC drive.

4 Power Management

4.1 A PC should be shut down overnight if possible. It should have the monitor power-saving function enabled and enter sleep mode after a period of inactivity no greater than 10 minutes. This will enable conservation of energy.

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