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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Student Information Facilities

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

The purpose of this policy is to describe the Information facilities that will be provided for students by Information Services (IS) and Faculties collaboratively. This policy facilitates the establishment of a consistent student experience independent of the student's location or discipline of study.

Students may enrol in units across multiple Faculties. This means that student Information facilities such as computers, data storage, printers and photocopiers should be made available consistently across campus.

This policy provides for consistent network, email, data storage, printer, and photocopier services for students across the Crawley, Albany and Nedlands campuses and at the major hospitals where students have access to printers and/or photocopiers.


IS means Information Services at The University of Western Australia.

24X7 means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access Control is the restriction of entry to buildings or use of electronic systems.

Policy statement:

All students will be provided the following Information facilities University-wide, provided they are authorised to use them and have access to buildings in which they are housed. It is the responsibility of Faculties, Schools and Administrative Areas to ensure that students have access to all available Student Information facilities under the control of the Faculty, School or Administrative Area. Provisioning of these services will be within 4 hours of enrolment being completed and de-provisioning will take effect immediately after students complete their course or leave the University.

1 Email - Gmail (including Google Apps) to send and receive email, including official University correspondence

1.1 Each Student will be provided with a free Gmail account (including Google Apps) for the duration of their studies. This account will be used for official correspondence including examination information and Library notices. The e-mail account will be deleted following the departure of the student from the University or the completion of a course by the student.

2 Data Storage - File storage accessible from anywhere any time

2.1 Data storage will be provided to students for the duration of their course at UWA. This facility is provided to support students in their studies and is a means to securely store their electronic files. Students will be provided a data storage quota which may be changed at the discretion of the University. Students should refer to the Information Services website for the quota allocated, as this may change over time.

2.2 At the end of a Student's course all student data storage will be deleted. Students may take a personal copy of their data for retention if desired.

3 Printers

3.1 Students can print at any student printer for a nominal fee per page, or they may use a printing quota if provided by their respective Faculty or School. Students should refer to the Information Services website for fee details as these may change depending on course requirements. Print quotas are dependent on course requirements and are managed by the Faculty.

3.2 Printing credit can be purchased by students and added to their Campus Card. Faculties and Schools can add credit to student's Campus Cards if required by contacting Information Services to arrange this.

3.3 Print jobs will be sent to a print server and will be held in a print queue for a limited time. Students must use their Campus Card to release their print jobs at the printer. The Information Services website can be referred to for details on the length of time print jobs will be held.

4 Network and Computers - Wireless Network (Unifi) to access the Internet and student computers

4.1 Students will be required to use their UniWA credentials (student-id and password) to gain access to the wireless network (Unifi) and student computers.

4.2 Students should refer to the University Policy on: Student Internet Access for guidance on conditions under which students are granted Internet access and the circumstances under which Internet access may be withdrawn.

5 The use of student Information facilities carries responsibilities which can be viewed at: Computer and Software Use Regulations

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