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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: All Staff Emails

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy details the types of emails that will be approved for distribution on the All Staff Email List.


In this policy and any associated procedures,

UWA means The University of Western Australia

Policy statement:

1.1 The All Staff list is generated automatically from the UWA Online Directory. It is required that all UWA staff members are subscribed to the list. All Staff emails are sent to both academic and general staff. As such, posts to the list must impact upon both groups. Only posts that are urgent and/or impact upon the majority of staff are to be sent via the All Staff list.

1.2 The following types of posts are permitted:

1.2.1 messages from the Executive including but not limited to:

- new appointments

- shut downs

- death of current/former staff members

1.2.2 Information Services Announcements regarding outages of the network or key systems (planned and unplanned)

1.2.3 Human Resources Announcements regarding changes to pay or conditions as a result of Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs); changes to Government policy; staff ballots etc

1.2.4 Facilities Management Announcements regarding outages, for example issues with the heating/cooling system

1.2.5 security and safety announcements

1.2.6 severe weather warnings

1.2.7 road and car park closures

1.2.8 new works on campus, particularly when safety is an issue

1.2.9 key University events

1.3 All other messages are to be redirected to one or more of the following lists:

1.3.1 Research announcements

1.3.2 Teaching and Learning news and discussion, for example all Learning Management System messages, excluding outages

1.3.3 Notices

1.3.4 UWA Events

1.3.5 Faculty Managers' List

1.3.6 Senior Managers' List

1.3.7 Secretaries' List

1.4 The policy must be reviewed at the end of 2015 to ensure all staff emails are functioning appropriately.

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Natalie Mast, Senior Policy Analyst

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