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01/06/2001 Revised 04/05/2001
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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Reviews of Administrative Divisions

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy deals with the University's commitment to the systematic review and evaluation of its activities. The University is committed to a program of reviews of administrative divisions as an integral part of its strategic planning process.


In this policy,

the University is The University of Western Australia

SDVC is the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor

EM is the Member of the Executive or Senior Manager with overall responsibility for the Administrative Division

Policy statement:

1 Aims

1.1 Reviews of Administrative Division to focus on:

  • the Division's effectiveness and efficiency and the quality of its services, in relation to the University's mission, goals and objectives;
  • the Division's strategic planning and its alignment with that of the University;
  • external relations; and
  • the management of the overall resources of the Division (human and financial).

2 The Review Process

2.1 Reviews of Administrative Divisions are conducted under the joint auspices of the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (SDVC) and the Academic Board.

2.2 Reviews are cyclical in nature, with each division typically being reviewed every seven years. The SDVC, in consultation with the Chair of the Academic Board, may decide to review a division more frequently as prompted by particular environmental factors applying at a given time.

2.3 The purposes, procedures and outcomes of reviews are openly and clearly stated.

2.4 Reviews of Administrative Divisions are conducted with the full involvement of interested parties including the leadership, staff and clients of the division concerned. Reviews emphasise self-evaluation and are conducted with the full involvement of interested parties, including the staff of the Division concerned and client groups serviced by the Division.

2.5 Reviews of administrative divisions must not recommend on perceived accommodation or other resource problems, but may draw attention to these in their Reports if they judge them to be incompatible with achieving excellence in a Division's professional standards and level of service.

3 Self-Assessment and Evaluation

3.1 The University is committed to a review process that involves self-assessment prior to the review as well as continuing evaluation after the review period.

3.2 Reviews of administrative divisions will involve a substantial self-assessment process by the unit under review and an assessment by a panel comprising members of the University and external reviewers. At least one external reviewer must currently be, or have recently been, a practicing professional in the area being reviewed.

3.3 Within six months of being reviewed, administrative divisions must, via their EM, submit to the SDVC an implementation report outlining how the division is planning to respond to the recommendations of the report.

3.4 Eighteen months after the review, the division must submit to the SDVC a follow-up report which provides an update on the implementation plan and discuss the progress made by the division in relation to its adoption of the review's recommendations.

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