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Policy No.
Teaching And Learning
Authoring Organisational Unit
Centre for Education Futures
Date Approved
28/09/2010 Revised 20/09/2017
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Approving Body
Academic Council

The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Lecture Capture

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy provides the parameters that encourage the uptake of lecture capture. The UWA Lecture Capture System (LCS) is administered centrally by the Centre for Education Futures (CEF). The service is available to all UWA staff and is used for both semester-based and event style recordings.


The University's Lecture Capture System (LCS) is implemented to support the institution's commitment to flexible modes of teaching and learning. The LCS facilitates the recording of lectures for delivery via the internet. Through the LCS, audio and visuals from face-to-face lectures are automatically recorded and processed into a variety of media formats.

Policy statement:

1.1 The University strongly supports high quality, blended delivery, and the continued provision of captured lectures as a complement to face-to-face lecturing and a significant learning resource for many groups of students.

1.2 Captured Lectures must be of good digital quality.

1.3 Lectures that provide captured lectures and are made available to students by the LCS must be listed in the online unit outline at the commencement of the semester in which they are taught.

1.4 Lectures timetabled centrally in lecture-capture enabled venues are automatically scheduled to be captured.

1.5 Lectures in lecture-capture enabled venues that are not in the Central Timetabling System must either approach the Centre for Education Futures (CEF) for the lecture to be manually scheduled, or add their lecture timetable to the Central Timetable system.

1.6 When captured lectures are the primary method of teaching they must be specifically prepared for the purpose, appropriately supported with relevant learning resources and the Learning Management System (LMS) must be used to ensure active engagement.

1.7 All units delivered regionally must provide the captured lectures to regionally-enrolled students.

1.8 Captured lectures are available to students through the LMS via a block or URLs embedded within the pedagogical design.

1.9 Under exceptional circumstances, teaching staff may delete captured lectures post processing, or choose not to enable captured lectures within the LMS, provided these exceptional circumstances are clearly and explicitly expressed in the LMS, and communicated to the Associate Deans (Teaching and Learning).

1.10 Staff engaging in team-taught unit offerings in UWA Courses determine an overall approach to lecture capture that pertains to the unit overall.

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