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Technology And Telecommunications
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Information Technology - Central Unit
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08/06/2009 Revised 01/03/2011
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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Staff Email and Calendaring

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

The purpose of this policy is to describe the University of Western Australia (UWA) Staff Email and Calendaring Service ('the service') which is centrally provided by Information Services (IS).


Alias is an email address.

UWA staff email alias is the official form of email address used by the University to forward email, either to an individual or to a group.

Official email alias is defined in the Staff Email Aliases Policy

Policy statement:

The Staff Email and Calendaring service enables users to access a central email address list, organise meetings using free/busy information and book shared resources such as meeting rooms.

1 Email

1.1 The service is to be used by the University for official electronic correspondence.

1.2 It is expected that users read their email frequently so that important communications are received and acted upon in a timely manner.

1.3 When staff members are out of the office or on leave for extended periods of time, arrangements must be made to provide automatic 'out of office' responses or delegated access to the mailbox.

2 Calendars

2.1 The service is to be used for the booking of meetings and resources identified on the service.

2.2 The free and busy information in the calendar should reflect the user's availability during work hours.

2.3 The automatic publishing of accurate free/busy information is expected of all users.

3 Records Management

3.1 All emails relevant to University business are official University records and, as such, have the same status as other written communications and must be treated in accordance with the University Policy on Records Management. This is regardless of whether the equipment, software, or facility used to create or store the email record is University-owned or not.

4 Service Provision

4.1 A standard service is provided to all authorised users.

4.2 The service is a University facility; all University email addresses are owned by the University and access is managed by IS.

4.3 It is the responsibility of IS to administer usage of the service. IS may discontinue the service to any user who is considered to be in breach of this policy or any other UWA policies or regulations or applicable Federal or State laws. Any such decision may be appealed via the University's Dispute and Grievances procedures.

5 Authorised Users

5.1 An authorised user of the service is a member of staff Category 1 or 2 who has been granted access to University electronic resources as defined by the Access to University Buildings and Electronic Systems by Staff and Visitors Policy.

6 Security and Access

6.1 Access to the email account will be provided using a secure protocol to ensure the encryption of passwords and email traffic across all networks. A temporary exception to this method may be granted at the discretion of the University Librarian and Director (Information Management).

6.2 All access to mailboxes must comply with University regulations and policies as described in the Privacy of Electronic Material document.

7 User Support and Training

7.1 Email and calendaring user support and training is the responsibility of the local faculty/school/area.

8 Service Support

8.1 Data stored in the email and calendaring service is backed up, and will be restored in the event of a system failure. Email that has been deleted or removed from the system cannot be restored.

8.2 Information Services will provide central antivirus and spam filtering for all incoming and outgoing email.

9 Email Addresses and Aliases

9.1 Email addresses or aliases (for users, role-based accounts, resources and distribution lists) will be created in accordance with University policies, standards and naming conventions.

9.2 The reply address for all accounts will be an official University alias.

10 Email Account Management

10.1 Forwarding of email from a UWA account to a non-UWA account is permitted only for staff working off campus on a regular basis. All staff members are required to use the calendaring facility provided by the Email and Calendaring Service.

10.2 The maximum size of attachments to incoming and outgoing emails is limited to 100 megabytes (MB). For large attachments, AARNet's Cloudstor facility may be used.

10.3 To maintain the manageability and capacity of the service, the maximum size of an individual's standard mailbox is limited to 1 gigabyte (GB).

10.4 Closing of accounts

10.4.1 On cessation of employment/association with the University, the staff member's access to the service will be withdrawn immediately.

10.4.2 On cessation, mailboxes will be defaulted to no longer receive email and new email will be bounced back to the sender. The Associate Director of Client Services or delegate may approve alternative arrangements under extenuating circumstances.

10.4.3 Prior to the deletion of a departing staff member's mailbox, an authorised person may request special access for a period of time if continuity of a business activity is required. Please refer to the policy on Privacy of Electronic Material. A warning message will be sent to the authorised person prior to deletion of the mailbox.

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