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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: New regulations, rules and policies application to existing students

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy deals with the application to existing students of new regulations, rules and policies relating to courses.

The purpose of the policy is to -

clarify that all students, including existing students, are subject to new regulations, rules or policies unless the regulations, rules or policies provide otherwise or an exemption is granted and

ensure that a faculty or board responsible for administering a course puts in place appropriate transition arrangements where the structure of a course changes.


In this policy and any associated procedures,

the University means The University of Western Australia;

existing students means students who were enrolled at the University prior to the introduction of a new regulation, rule or policy referred to in this policy;

IGS means Information Governance Services;

regulations, rules and policies means regulations, rules and policies relating to courses and student progression through courses;

relevant body means body responsible for approving the relevant regulations, rules or policy and may mean a position or body of people with authority to carry out the function concerned.

Policy statement:

1 General principles

1.1 The University may from time to time make changes to its regulations, rules and policies.

1.2 Changes to regulations, rules and policies may be made, among other reasons, to:

  • maintain standards at the highest international levels;
  • ensure effective and efficient use of University resources; and
  • implement relevant Commonwealth or State legislation.

1.3 Existing students are governed by new regulations, rules and policies unless the new regulations, rules and policies provide otherwise or an exemption is granted in accordance with this policy.

1.4 Any new regulations, rules and policies, while they may affect existing students, apply to future acts and omissions and are not retrospective.

1.5 Potential disadvantage to any existing students must be taken into consideration when new regulations, rules and policies are developed and approved.

1.6 If the structure of a course changes such that existing students could be disadvantaged in terms of completing their course in the time or with the total number of points specified in the relevant rules or policy, appropriate transition arrangements must be put in place.

1.7 The relevant body must ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to inform students of new regulations, rules or policies.

1.8 Students have a responsibility to make themselves aware of regulations, rules and policies that apply to them.

2 Exemptions

2.1 Existing students may be exempted from a new regulation, rule or policy only if they can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the relevant body that, with prior knowledge of the change, there is a strong possibility that they would have made a different decision.


Exemptions to policy and or course rules must be sought in accordance with the procedures set out in the University Policy on Waiver of Rules and Policies applying to Courses.

2.2 If there is an alternative course of action that will enable the student to achieve the desired outcome, an application to be exempted from a regulation, rule or policy will not be approved.

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