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Technology And Telecommunications
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Information Technology - Central Unit
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18/05/2005 Revised 01/03/2011
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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Staff Email Aliases

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy governs the format, use and management of official UWA staff email aliases at the University. Its purpose is to ensure i email addresses meet University branding.


An alias is an email address.

First name is the given name.

Last name is the surname or family name.

A legacy alias is an email address that has been in existence prior to 2009 and does not conform to the format of an official email alias. E.g. an email address on previously published research papers.

UWA staff email alias is the official form of email address used by the University to forward email, either to an individual or to a group.

IS - Information Services within The University of Western Australia.

Policy statement:

1 Format of Official UWA Staff Email Alias

1.1 The official UWA staff email alias shall be of the form <first name>.<last name> where the names will be the preferred names as specified in the HR system.

1.2 In the case of a staff member having only one name, the email alias will take the form <last name>

1.3 In cases where duplicate names exist, the following options may be used:

1.3.1 <first name>.<middle initial>.<last name>

1.3.2 <first initial>.<last name>

1.4 In formulating email aliases, punctuation in people's names other than hyphens may not be used.

1.5 This policy does not prohibit the existence of additional email aliases including legacy aliases but there can be only one official UWA staff email alias i.e. <first name>.<last name> or, in the case of staff who have only one name, <last name>

1.6 In the case of long and/or complicated names, an alternative UWA staff email alias that is a shorter, less complicated version of the name as specified in the HR system may be applied for. This alternate alias must be approved by the Associate Director of Client Services or delegate.

1.7 In special cases, the Vice Chancellor may grant the use of additional or alternate email aliases of the form <first name>.<last name>@<optional text> These special case aliases will be applied at a business unit level and staff within the business unit will have the option of choosing this alternate alias.

1.8 There will be a single authoritative source for the creation and management of official UWA staff email aliases managed by IS.

2 Mailbox Mapping

2.1 All official UWA staff email aliases must be directed to an official mailbox at UWA.

3 Alias Changes

3.1 In cases where a staff member changes their name in the HR system, they will be able to change their official UWA staff email alias accordingly.

4 The UWA Contracts Directory

4.1 Staff members who do not want their email alias published in the UWA Contacts Directory ( may request the removal of their email address from the directory.

5 Re-use of Alias

5.1 If a staff member ceases employment at the University their old official UWA staff email alias cannot be re-used until a period of 24 months has elapsed from the date of cessation.

6 Official Use of Alias

6.1 The official staff email alias will be used on all University business cards, contact directory entries and other official publications and email correspondence, except where a function or role-based email alias is substituted.

6.2 The official UWA staff email alias must be used in email signatures and reply-to addresses to ensure that the official UWA staff email alias is the only one seen externally.

6.3 Individual staff members are responsible for ensuring they supply their official UWA staff email alias for use in any printed or electronic publications.

6.4 Any UWA staff member who is responsible for publishing UWA email addresses in printed or electronic form has the right to request an official UWA staff email alias (from the authors supplying content) for use in that publication.

7 Other Email Aliases

7.1 Aliases not complying with the current standard criteria, policies and naming conventions may continue to be supported for receiving of email only.

8 Cessation

8.1 On cessation of employment at the University, a staff member's entry in the UWA Contact Directory will no longer display in searches. For the twenty-four month period following, email sent to that person's UWA email alias will continue to be forwarded to their nominated UWA email mailbox and will be dealt with as specified by that service, for example UWA Staff Email and Calendaring Service Policy.

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