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Human Resources
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Human Resources - Central Unit
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26/06/2007 Revised 25/09/2014
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Higher Duties Allowance

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy defines the nature and purpose of the higher duties allowance for professional and general staff and sets out eligibility criteria and other conditions that apply.

Policy statement:

Higher Duties Allowance is payable when an employee is performing all or some of the duties that normally form part of a higher level position. The position may be due to the position being vacant or when the duties are not being undertaken by the usual occupant, (e.g. occupant is on leave).

1 Full or partial allowance

1.1 A Higher Duties Allowance is calculated as the difference between the employee's current salary and the minimum salary point for the higher position. Where no difference exists, no allowance shall be payable.

1.2 A Higher Duties Allowance may be paid in full or in part. Where a full time commitment to undertake all of the duties of the position is required, the allowance will be 100%.

1.3 Where a partial Higher Duties Allowance is to be paid it shall be negotiated with the employee prior to commencement of the acting duties.

1.4 A partial Higher Duties Allowance is appropriate in the following circumstances:

  • when only part of the full range of duties of the position is required (e.g. due to a cyclic or seasonal variation);
  • when the duties are to be shared between two or more people; or
  • where it is decided that some duties of the acting position are not to be performed.

2 Period of allowance

2.1 A Higher Duties Allowance will only be approved for a minimum period of five consecutive working days or more. In normal circumstances a Higher Duties Allowance will only be approved for a period up to three months in the first instance and should be reviewed prior to renewal.

2.2 Where the appointment or renewal period is longer than three months, consideration should be given to filling the position either as a temporary transfer or on an ongoing basis.

2.3 Access to a Higher Duties Allowance is not an entitlement and the duration of the acting may be varied according to circumstances and performance.

3 Funding of allowance

3.1 Schools should ensure that funds are available prior to recommending a Higher Duties Allowance, particularly for grant-funded positions where funds may be restricted to a particular point on the range.

4 Payment of allowance while on leave

4.1 A Higher Duties Allowance will be paid to an employee who is on leave in the following circumstances:

  • The employee has been receiving the allowance for a minimum period of twelve months or more and has proceeded on normal annual leave, (i.e. up to four weeks) or other approved leave of absence of not more than one calendar month.
  • The staff member has been receiving the allowance for a period less than twelve months and has proceeded on normal annual leave or other approved leave of not more than one calendar month, and no other staff member will under the acting duties during this period.

5 Overtime

5.1 An employee receiving a Higher Duties Allowance who is required to undertake paid overtime, shall be paid at the Higher Duties Allowance salary rate if the duties relate to the Higher Duties Allowance position.

5.2 Overtime does not normally apply to positions classified Level 8 or higher.

6 Increments

6.1 If an employee has been receiving a Higher Duties Allowance for the same level for a continuous period of twelve months, they are entitled to a salary increment to the next step.

6.2 If, over the 18 months preceding the commencement of a higher duties position, the employee has received a total of 12 months (non-continuous) Higher Duties Allowance, (at the same level or higher) they will qualify to commence on the next salary increment. Refer to the University of Western Australia Professional and General Staff Agreement 2014 for further information.


- Complete the Higher Duties Allowance form and have it signed by the Approved Delegate.

- Submit form to HR Services - Employment (M350) for processing and payment.

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