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Human Resources
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Human Resources - Central Unit
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26/06/2007 Revised 27/09/2012
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Starting Salaries

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy outlines the process for determining the starting salary level for new employees.


"Collective Agreements" - These agreements are negotiated between the University, employees and the relevant Unions through enterprise bargaining.

Policy statement:

1.1 Salary Scales for employees of the University of Western Australia are detailed in the Collective Agreements and can also be found at the following website: .

1.2 It is University policy to appoint new staff to the first increment of the relevant salary scale. However, for appointment to Lecturer / Research Associate (Level A) the minimum commencing salary for a person with a PhD or a person appointed as a Course Controller is Level A, Step 8.

1.3 The Dean will determine the starting salary of all new appointees regardless of funding source. However, exceptions may be recommended to and approved by the Dean when:

  • The appointee is an existing University employee, in a position at the same level, whose salary step is above the minimum of the range. The employee will maintain the existing salary step and increment date.
  • It can be demonstrated that the appointee has recent relevant experience in relation to the duties of the position and payment of a salary above the first increment is required to attract the individual.

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