Policies and procedures

Policy No.
Human Resources
Authoring Organisational Unit
Human Resources - Central Unit
Date Approved
Revised 04/12/2013
Approving Body
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Academic Appointments

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy provides conditions for the appointment of academic fixed term and ongoing (tenurable or tenured) employees.

Policy statement:

1 Term of appointment

1.1 Fixed Term Appointments

1.1.1 Academic staff can be appointed for up to 1 year without advertisement. In exceptional circumstances a work area may, on approval of the Head of School, extend employment to a total of 2 years (including the initial appointment).

1.1.2 The following conditions apply to fixed term appointments 1 year or less:

  • probationary period of 3 months;
  • eligible for membership of the UniSuper Accumulation 1 plan; and
  • not convertible to ongoing (tenurable or tenured) appointments.

1.2 Ongoing (Tenurable) Appointments

1.2.1 Academic staff on a ongoing (tenurable) appointment are subject to the following probationary periods:

  • Lecturer (Level A) - 5 year probationary period, which may be extended by two periods of one year in exceptional circumstances;
  • Assistant Professor (Level B) - 3 year probationary period, which may be extended or shortened;
  • Associate Professor and above (Level C, D and E) - up to 3 years probationary period, which may be extended by two periods of one year or shortened.

1.2.2 Refer to the Probation and Confirmation (Academic Staff) Policy for detailed information regarding ongoing (tenurable or tenured) appointment conditions, eligibility, responsibilities and timeframes.

For casual academic appointments refer to the Casual Employment (Academic) Policy.

2 Advertising

2.1 Vacancies will normally be advertised:

subject to probation. Where the Selection Committee believes probation is not appropriate.

3 Annual review

3.1 All appointments, over twelve months will be subject to an annual review. The review process is outlined in University Policy Probation and Confirmation (Academic Staff).

4 Full-time and Part-time appointments

4.1 Appointments may be made on a part-time or shared basis, subject to the needs of the school and University, and on the recommendation of the Head of School and the formal approval of the Dean.

4.2 Transfers to part-time appointments by academic staff may be made permanently or for specific periods. Ongoing part-time appointments may be converted to full-time depending on the needs of the school.

4.3 Where full-time members of academic staff wish to transfer to a part-time appointment, appropriate recognition will be given for prior full-time service at this University, at the date of transfer. Members of staff wishing to obtain an indication of their credits on transfer for sabbatical and long service leave should contact Human Resources requesting details of the conditions of transfer and stipulating the proposed date of transfer.

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