Standard schedule for delegations

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  • Definition and keyword terms
  • Standard template

These are the procedures for creating and maintaining the standard schedule.

The University Delegations are designed to give a full list of delegations in a standard schedule, which provides reports by function, by administrative area and by position profile (reported as Delegation and Band). Separate reports, which include variations to the standard schedule, appear as Faculty reports and Business unit reports.

  1. Approval
  2. Bands of delegated authority
  3. Naming of positions
  4. Master file


All delegations must be approved by the nominated member of the Executive who is responsible for the administration of the delegation. A standard template is available for submission of delegations for approval.

The Standard Schedule is constructed in the following way:

Classification by function

The delegation statements are classified to the international standard known as Keyword AAA which is used by the University's records management system (TRIM). The File Plan for Faculties, Schools, Centres and Institutes outlines procedures and responsibilities in accordance with the University's Record Keeping Plan.


There is an agreed style for the delegation statements, and most statements can be broken down in the following way:


  1. General statement: Appoint a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Senate, Band 1)
  2. Or where further explanation is needed: Appoint a Deputy Vice-Chancellor as Acting Vice-Chancellor in his/her absence (Vice-Chancellor, Band 2).


  1. Where a committee is advisory to its chair, the Chair is the delegate
  2. Where the decision is made by a committee, the committee is listed as having the authority
  3. The Committees website lists the constitutions of University committees.

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Bands of delegated authority

The document entitled: Organisational Structure of the University in Terms of Levels of Delegated Authority, assigns bands of authority in relation to reporting lines within the University.

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Naming of positions

Standard position titles

Many positions are standard. For example, School Manager and all the delegations of that position can be found within Band 5b in the “Drop-down menu” on the University Delegations page. 

Generic position titles

A generic title of a position may appear under a band; for example, Manager 5b. A manager in this band may also hold delegations specific to the position. 

Positions holding specific delegations

All positions within a band do not hold the same delegations. It is therefore important to identify the position that holds the delegation. For example: the Director Financial Services (Band 5a) has different delegations to the Director of Planning Services (Band 5a). Some individuals could have dual roles; for example, Head of School (Band 5a) and Associate Dean (Band 4b).

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Master file

Once approved, all delegations are merged into a Master file for presentation on the Delegations website. The Master file is set up with all entries in a standard format and the underlying program presents each report on the website.

Standard format

Each row of the Standard Schedule Excel spreadsheet contains information under the pre-determined columns in the correct order:

  1. The Function column identifies the keyword for the function in every row. The Keyword AAA classification is referred to for naming of this column.
  2. The Function Detail column identifies detailed information about the function. In this column the text that best describes the detail is used.
  3. The Delegation column lists delegation statements in the agreed style.
  4. The Delegate column lists the position title of the delegate. Where generic titles are used they are defined for inclusion in the Definitions page. If more than one delegate has authority for the delegation, a row for each delegate is copied and each delegate is added in a separate row.
  5. The Band column lists the band related to the position.
  6. The Source column indicates the source of the delegation. In some cases there is no source listed.
  7. The Source Link column includes the web reference for the source of the delegation. 
  8. The Administration column indicates the name of the Administrative unit responsible for the delegation.

Examples of simple errors or omissions that can cause problems when adding delegations to the master file.

  • Any misspelling of the same item will appear as a separate item each time a different spelling or abbreviation appears.
  • If a Head of School appears as "HOS" in one section of the master file and "Head of School" in another section, then it will appear twice in the "drop-down menu" and each appearance will give an incomplete list of delegations of the Head of School.
  • The master file has a set number of columns. All documents merged with the master file must hold the information under the same column names in the same order. A mismatch would result in the information being captured incorrectly or could cause some information not to appear on the webpage.

Contact the University Secretary for instructions on how to submit changes for the master file.

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