Business unit variations to delegations

Further information

Standard Schedule

Business unit schedules should be compiled to identify any approved variations to the standard delegations and delegates.

All other entries should use standard delegation statements as listed in the Standard Schedule (University Delegations Report) and should be allocated to delegates within the related bands.

Examples of business unit schedules

The Faculty Report is an example of a business unit report which is a variation to the main University Delegations Report.  The Faculty Report provides information specific to each Faculty regarding the delegates in Band 4b.

The Registrar's Office Report is an example of a variation report, which lists approved variations to the Standard Schedule and meets the requirements of the Delegations Policy 3(j) which permits either permissive or restrictive permanent changes to the delegations.

Excel file

The same procedure for creating the Excel spreadsheet should be followed as outlined in "Creating and Maintaining the Standard Schedule". Only existing delegation statements may be included in the Business Unit Schedule.  Any new delegation statements must be approved for inclusion in the University Delegations Report prior to inclusion in a Business Unit Schedule.


Prior to linking their schedule to the Delegations website, business units should have the schedule approved.  Academic units within a Faculty must have their business unit schedules approved by the Dean. Deans, Directors, Heads who report to a member of the Executive, and the University Librarian should have their Business Unit schedule approved by the member of the Executive to whom they report. Business Unit schedules of members of the Executive are approved by the Vice-Chancellor. The business unit schedule should be uploaded to the web and linked to the central website.

Contact the delegations web administrator for instructions on how to submit the Business Unit Schedule for uploading to the web.