Delegations: Frequently asked questions

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This section will help guide through the roles and responsibilities of delegations.

What is delegated authority?

Delegated authority provides formal authority to an officer to commit the University and/or incur liabilities for the University.

How do I know if I am a delegate?

Responsibilities: The University Policy on: Delegations outlines responsibilities of delegates.

Delegates and their delegations: your supervisor or Head of School will confirm your delegations and the band in which your position rests.

What are Bands of Authority?

Delegations reflect the University’s organisational structure as set out in the Bands of delegated authority.

Am I the only person responsible for the authority delegated to me?

All positions in the reporting line higher than the delegate's position hold the delegate's delegations. The University Policy on: Delegations outlines the hierarchical nature of delegations.

Where will I find the delegations relevant to my position?

Delegated authorities are listed in the Function Report, the Administrative Report and the Delegation Report by Bands.

These reports are displayed as drop-down menus and present the same information in differnet formats. For example, if you are a School Manager, you will have delegated authority listed under the Band which applies to your position, that is, Band 5b 'School Manager'. However, you may wish to view all Human Resource delegations in the Administrative Report.

How can I know what documents I can authorise?

Specific delegations are listed under sub-headings in one of the functions listed in the function report, for example: to know if you have authority to purchase goods up to $20,000, you go to the drop-down menu under Function Report, choose "Financial Management" and scroll down to "Expenditure (General)".

In this section, all delegates with the same authority appear against the delegation statement giving financial limits to expenditure.

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What are my responsibilities when I am acting in a position?

If you are appointed in an acting position you will assume the delegations related to the responsibilities of the position you are holding. You may only be taking on some of the responsibilities of the position in which case you will assume the delegations associated with those responsibilities.

What forms do I have to sign to register my signature?

All persons with delegated authority for Human Resource and Financial Services delegations are required to register their signature with Human Resources and Financial Services using the official authorised signatory form.

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What do I do in the case of a conflict of interest?

If you are in a position where there is a potential for a conflict of interest or a perception of conflict of interest, your supervisor or a person in a band higher than you should be asked to carry out the delegation. Committees have their own procedures for dealing with conflict of interest and you should identify your conflict of interest to the Chair of the committee.

I have been asked to develop/update a schedule. What do I have to do?

Templates can be downloaded for each schedule, along with instructions for completing, updating and approving the schedule. Following approval, these schedules will be added by the delegations web administrator to the master file which creates the various reports.

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Is the schedule by Business Unit mandatory?

No, if your business unit processes are standard there is no need to create a Schedule by Business Unit.

When is the Business Unit schedule necessary?

If your business unit processes vary from the standard delegated authorities, you must have these approved by the Dean or member of the Executive responsible for your section. The approved variations should be posted on your website in the form of the Business Unit schedule and linked to the busines unit reports.

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