Academic Policy Services

Academic Policy Services (APS) provides policy advice and professional services regarding the University's academic governance, legislative and policy development systems, and curriculum management.

Roles and responsibilities

Through both its management and administrative role, and the provision of advisory, consultative and executive services to key committees, Academic Policy Services contributes significantly to the process through which the major academic structural and policy decisions determining the directions and future shape and activities of the University are made.

The role of Academic Policy Services is to:

  • Develop, review and continuously improve the University‚Äôs academic legislation, policies and procedures.
  • Provide policy analysis and advice to members of the Executive and other senior staff of the University.
  • Manage the process of curriculum approval and change.
  • Provide professional support and advice to the University's major committees, including the Academic Board, Academic CouncilEducation Committee, Curriculum Committee and a number of other key decision-making committees.
  • Manage and coordinate academic decision-making structures and processes to ensure an effective interface between executive, faculty and the central committee decision-making processes.
  • Contribute to policy and strategy, as well as oversee and implement initiatives, that improve the student learning experience.
  • Design, develop, evaluate and advise on policies, processes and schemes that support the University's priorities within its Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Contribute to the leadership and administration of education related activities, including policy development and management of the University's curriculum for cycle 1 and cycle 2 coursework courses, at the central level.

Academic Policy Services staff

APS Staff Directory


Academic Policy Services (M456)

Map of Academic Policy Services (campus map location2416) at latitude -31.976955413818359 and longitude 115.817115783691406, label: Room 1.33
Central Administration Building
The University of Western Australia
Crawley, Perth
Western Australia 6009
(+61 8) 6488 2459
(+61 8) 6488 1075
Office hours
8.30am to 4.30pm
Room 1.33, Central Administration Building
Carpark number 1
Winthrop entrance, Mounts Bay Road
UWA Crawley campus

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