The Senate is the governing authority of the University.

It consists of up to 17 members and in the words of The University of Western Australia Act 1911 has “the entire control and management of the affairs of the University and may act in all matters concerning the University in such manner as appears to it best calculated to promote the interests of the University”.

Meeting dates 2019

  • Monday 11 March
  • Monday 29 April
  • Monday 24 June
  • Monday 26 August
  • Monday 21 October
  • Monday 09 December


The Senate is governed by the conditions set down in Statute No. 1: The Senate and operates under the Standing orders of the Senate.


Current Senate members access to minutes (login required).


Senate election form

Eligible staff who wish to nominate for election under section 8(1)(c) and 8(1)(j) of the University of Western Australia Act 1911 are required to complete the form:

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