Academic Board membership

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Statute number 19  - Academic Board

Membership of the Academic Board consists of the University's Executive, deans of the faculties, Level E professors, heads of schools and members elected by and from academic and professional/general staff.

Academic Board comprises:

Pro Vice-Chancellors and Executive Deans of faculties

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Pro Vice-Chancellor of Indigenous Studies

University Librarian and Chief Information Officer

Professors of the University

(contact details are available at the UWA Staff Directory):

Professor Snezhana Abarzhi, Winthrop Professor Paul Abbott, Professor Lawrence Abraham, Professor Timothy Ackland, Professor Osvaldo Almeida, Professor Simon Anderson, Professor David Andrich, Professor Rob Atkin, Professor David Atkinson, Professor Marcus Atlas, Winthrop Professor David Badcock, Professor Johanna Badcock, Professor Loretta Baldassar, Professor Martin Barbetti, Professor Peter Barrett, Professor Richard Bartlett, Professor Dirk Baur, Professor Mark Beeson, Winthrop Professor Mohammed Bennamoun, Professor Jason Beringer, Professor Dawn Bessarab, Professor Jacqueline Birt, Professor Harry Blagg, Winthrop Professor Michael Blakeney, Professor Susan Broomhall, Professor Graham Brown, Professor David Bruce, Professor Romola Bucks, Professor Antonio Cantoni, Professor Jonathan Carapetis, Professor Robyn Carroll, Professor Mark Cassidy, Professor Antonio Celenza, Professor Liang Cheng, Professor Sasha Chernyshenko, Professor Hui Chua, Professor Kenneth Clements, Professor Rhonda Clifford, Professor Shaun Collin, Professor Timothy Colmer, Honorary Dr Elizabeth Constable, Professor Ian Constable, Professor Wallace Cowling, Professor Donna Cross, Winthrop Professor Raymond Da Silva Rosa, Professor Timothy Davis, Professor Brian Dawson, Professor Vaille Dawson, Professor Nicholas De Klerk, Professor Michael Dentith, Professor Jan Dickinson, Professor Raphael Didham, Professor Phillip Dight, Professor Michael Douglas, Professor Simon Driver, Professor Sarah Dunlop, Professor Girish Dwivedi, Winthrop Professor Arcady Dyskin, Professor Peter Eastwood, Professor David Edwards, Professor Michalakis Efthymiou, Professor Wendy Erber, Professor Mark Everard, Professor Camile Farah, Professor Lorenzo Faraone, Professor Simon Farrell, Professor Paul Flatau, Professor David Fletcher, Professor Leon Flicker, Professor Alistair Forrest, Professor Andries Fourie, Professor Marylene Gagne, Professor Alexander Gardner, Professor Christophe Gaudin, Professor Cristina Gibson, Professor David Gilchrist, Professor Michael Giudici, Professor Susan Gourvenec, Winthrop Professor Daniel Green, Professor Mark Griffin, Professor Steffen Hagemann, Winthrop Professor Jeffrey Hamdorf, Professor Philip Hancock, Professor Graeme Hankey, Professor Roger Hart, Professor Peter Hartley, Professor David Hillman, Professor Richard Hobbs, Professor Stephen Hopper, Professor Stephen Houghton, Professor Xiao Hu, Professor Gary Hulse, Professor Barry Iacopetta, Professor Eugene Ivanov, Professor Gregory Ivey, Professor Assen Jablensky, Professor Helene Jaccomard, Professor Aleksandar Janca, Professor Gary Jeffrey, Professor Mark Jessell, Professor Michael Johns, Professor David Joyce, Professor Jeffrey Keelan, Professor Gary Kendrick, Professor Matt Kilburn, Professor Ross Kingwell, Professor Matthew Knuiman, Professor Mikhail Kostylev, Professor George Koutsantonis, Professor Richard Krever, Professor Sergei Kuzenko, Professor Nigel Laing, Professor Fiona Lake, Professor Wallace Langdon, Professor Carmen Lawrence, Professor Peter Le Souef, Professor Julie Lee, Professor Yun Lee, Professor Peter Leedman, Professor Barry Lehane, Professor Michael Levine, Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, Professor Lee-Yong Lim, Professor Ryan Lister, Professor Yinong Liu, Professor Geoffrey London, Professor Alan Lourens, Professor Paul Low, Professor Elizabeth Lydon, Professor Andrew Lynch, Professor Guowei Ma, Professor David Mackey, Professor Colin MacLeod, Professor Shane Maloney, Professor Barry Marshall, Professor Graeme Martin, Professor Eric May, Professor Timothy Mazzarol, Professor Ian McArthur, Professor Gregory McCarthy, Professor Josephine McDonald, Professor Fiona McKenzie, Professor Philip Mead, Professor Hans-Gerhardt Meurer, Professor Andrew Millar, Professor Karol Miller, Professor Michael Millward, Professor George Milne, Professor Helen Milroy, Professor Jillian Milroy, Professor Grant Morahan, Professor Vera Morgan, Professor Trevor Mori, Professor Eric Moses, Professor Ladislav Mucina, Professor Daniel Murphy, Professor John Newnham, Professor John Noakes, Professor Johannes Nossent, Professor Anna Nowak, Professor Thomas O'Donoghue, Professor Carolyn Oldham, Professor Andrew Page, Professor Jie Pan, Professor David Pannell, Professor Lynette Parker, Professor Sharon Parker, Professor Alistair Paterson, Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi, Professor Cameron Platell, Professor Paul Plummer, Professor Yves Potvin, Professor Stephen Powles, Professor David Preen, Professor Susan Prescott, Professor Alison Preston, Professor Henning Prommer, Professor Anu Rammohan, Professor Mark Randolph, Professor Zdenko Rengel, Professor Gillian Rhodes, Professor Thomas Riley, Professor Peter Robertson, Professor Bruce Robinson, Professor Steve Rowins, Professor David Sampson, Professor Christobel Saunders, Professor Markus Schlaich, Professor Carl Schultz, Winthrop Professor Nolan Sharkey, Professor Kadambot Siddique, Professor Karen Simmer, Professor Leigh Simmons, Professor Ian Small, Professor Michael Small, Professor Benjamin Smith, Professor David Smith, Professor Stephen Smith, Winthrop Professor Geoffrey Soutar, Professor Mark Spackman, Professor Victor Sreeram, Professor Sergio Starkstein, Winthrop Professor Jillian Sweeney, Professor Catherine Taylor, Professor Paul Taylor, Professor William Taylor, Professor Erika Techera, Winthrop Professor Marc Tennant, Professor Sandra Thompson, Professor Sirimon Treepongkaruna, Professor Allan Trench, Professor Petra Tschakert, Winthrop Professor Rodney Tyers, Professor Frank Van Kann, Professor Peter Van Onselen, Professor Rajeev Varshney, Professor Philip Vercoe, Professor Valerie Verhasselt, Professor Peter Veth, Professor Lesley Vidovich, Professor Thierry Volery, Professor Alice Vrielink, Professor Brendan Waddell, Professor Phillip Watson, Winthrop Professor Gerald Watts, Professor David White, Winthrop Professor Robert White, Professor Andrew Whitehouse, Professor Andrew Whiteley, Professor Andreas Wicenec, Professor Philip Withers, Professor David Wood, Winthrop Professor Jiake Xu, Professor Hong Yang, Professor Bu Yeap, Professor Dao-Yi Yu, Professor Dirk Zeller, Winthrop Professor Florian Zepf, Professor Dongke Zhang, Professor Ming Zheng, Professor Stephen Zubrick,

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Head of each school

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Faculty of Science

The holder of any other positions as the Board may by resolution declare: 62 members elected by and from academic staff:

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education: Professor Robyn Carroll, Dr Chantal Bourgault du Coudray, Dr Marilyn Bromberg, Professor Vincent Chong, Associate Professor Joanna Elfving-Hwang, Associate Professor Martin Forsey, Associate Professor Andrea Gaynor, Professor Paul Gerrans, Dr Nin Kirkham, Dr Nicholas Letch, Associate Professor Jani McCutcheon, Dr Brenda McGivern, Dr Yu Tao, Dr Kati Tonkin, Dr Andrew David Williams
Facult of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences: Professor Tyrone Fernando, Associate Professor Dianne Hesterman,Professor Herbert Iu, Associate Professor Cara MacNish, Associate Professor Sally Male, Professor Gia Parish; Professor Elena Pasternak, Professor Michael Wise
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences: Professor Neil Boudville, Associate Professor Tom Briffa, Dr Xuebin Chen, Associate Professor Lynette Fernandes, Assistant Professor Julie Saunders, Assistant Professor Liza Seubert, Professor Lind Slack-Smith
Faculty of Science: Professor Stuart Bunt, Dr Michael Considine, Associate Professor Peter Hammond, Dr Vanessa Hayes, Associate Professor Debra Judge, Dr Marit Kragt, Associate Professor Shayne Loft, Professor Allan James McKinley, Dr James O'Shea, Ms Fiona O'Shea, Associate Professor Romina Palermo, Associate Professor Matthew Piggott, Dr Gavin Pinniger, Dr Dino Spagnoli, Dr Troy Visser
School of Indigenous Studies: Professor Darlene Oxenham
Non-Faculty Staff: TBA

20 members elected by and from general staff

Ms Gina Barron, Ms Michelle Chin, Dr Megan Ellyard, Mr Robin Ford, Ms Glynis Jones, Dr Sato Juniper, Dr Danijela Kambaskovic-Schwartz, Dr Lee-Von Kim, Dr Sudarsan Krishnaswamy, Mr Paul Lloyd, Dr Elaine Lopes, Ms Elisa McGowan, Ms Chloe Mortimer, Ms Heather Morton, Mr David Norman, Ms Di Regan-Roots, Mr Mark Sampson, Ms Linda Thomas, Ms Sabbia Tilli, Ms Katherine Williams


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