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UWA supports the principle of appointing to committees those best fitted for such service regardless of the staff category from which they come.

Membership of committees

A schedule showing membership and prospective vacancies for Committees to which the Academic Board either makes appointments or nominations is available below.  Members whose current terms are about to end have an asterisk (*) next to their name.  Nominations are invited for these committees.

The closing date for nominations is 5pm Monday 6 November 2017. Nominations received to date are available HERE


  1. The following extracts from R149/84 of the meeting of the Professorial Board (now Academic Board) of 19 September 1984 are relevant to the nominating process:
    1. "that the membership of the Nominating Committee be the Chair, the Deputy Chair, the Chair Elect, and a past Chair of the Academic Board;
    2. that the function of the Nominating Committee, in respect of all committees of the Board, and committees to which the Board makes nominations, be to add names to the list of those proposed and seconded by Board members only when this is necessary to ensure that the number of nominees equals the number of vacancies;
    3.  . . . .
    4. that following the call for nominations in accordance with R22/76 of the Professorial Board, and their possible supplementation by the Nominating Committee in order to ensure that the number of nominations equals the number of vacancies, the list for all committees be circulated to Board members well before the Board meeting at which nominations and appointments are to be made;
    5. that Board members be permitted to submit further nominations, duly proposed and seconded, between the date of circulation of the list and 5.00pm on the day before the Board meeting;
    6. that the current stipulation that nominees be available for the full period of a given vacancy be changed to a request that proposers nominate only those who can reasonably be expected to serve for a substantial part of the required period;"
  2. R215 of Academic Board meeting of 2 November 1992 provides:
    1. "that in future elections for Board representatives to University committees, the electorate's attention be particularly drawn to the University policies on the representation of women on University Boards and Committees;
    2. that the Nominating Committee be particularly instructed to consider gender balance on University Boards and Committees when undertaking its work in future years."
  3. (c) R304 of Academic Council meeting of 1 December 1993 provides:
    1. "that Executive Deans shall not be eligible to stand for election, or be co-opted, to Academic Council committees where no provision is made for membership of all six Executive Deans, but that they should be eligible to vote in such election(s)". (This will be taken to apply to the current deans.)
    2. Please note that in 1998, the Board endorsed the Academic Council's support for the principle of appointing to service on committees those best fitted for such service, regardless of the category of staff from which they come.
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Nomination Forms

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