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Executive Officer: Dr Kabilan Krishnasamy, Academic Secretary  

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Constitution/statute and regulations

The Academic Board is the chief academic body in the University.

The Board's constitution, membership and terms of reference are set out in Statute No. 19 and in the Regulations made pursuant to this Statute. It has delegated authority for most of its business to the Academic Council.

Nominating Committee

The Board has nominees on Academic Council and on Senate and Council sub-committees. In the event that these positions are not filled through the standard nomination processes, it is the task of the Board's one sub-committee, the Nominating Committee, to nominate suitable persons.

The Nominating Committee consists of the Chair, Deputy Chair, Chair Elect and Past Chair of the Board.

Meeting dates

The Board has four scheduled meetings each year commencing at 2:00pm and lasts approximately two hours.

2020 Meeting datesCut-off dates for receipt of agenda itemsVenue
Wed 18 March12pm Monday 2 March Economics and Commerce Conference Room
Wed 17 June12pm Monday 1 JuneEconomics and Commerce Conference Room
Wed 16 September12pm Monday 31 AugustEconomics and Commerce Conference Room
Wed 18 November12pm Monday 2 NovemberEconomics and Commerce Conference Room


Topics for consultation are available at the following link Academic Board Consultations.

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Agendas and minutes

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Committee induction

Academic Board induction information including Decision-making and Communications maps are available at the following link:

Academic Board and Council Induction Information